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The Hyundai & Peugeot franchises for the Waikato have been re-located. You can now find sales & servicing for these brands at:

Ingham Hyundai

07 849 7733

Winger Hamilton

07 838 1249


After a long association with the Hyundai & Peugeot brands, Waikato Motor Group has sold the franchises. As from 1st March 2013 the Hyundai brand will be represented by Ingham Motor Group and the Peugeot brand will be represented by Winger Hamilton.

I acquired the Waikato Motor Group business in March 2008.  Since then the company has had a real presence in the community with sponsorship of Waikato events including the Gallagher Great Race, Hamilton Gardens Arts Festival, Fuel Festival, The Rev, Waikato Hospice, True Colours, and in 2011 won the Waikato Business Excellence Award for medium business.

It has been exhilarating growing Waikato Motor Group.  I have had a great team around me and enjoy the challenge of the motor industry. However, with the growth the Hyundai brand is targeting and the investment required to take the brand to the next level, I have decided to take the opportunity to sell and let someone else continue the growth of the brand. Ingham Motor Group is the ideal company to lead this and I am happy to be taking on a management role with the Ingham Group.

On behalf of all the Waikato Motor Group team, I would like to thank everyone who has supported us over the last 23 years.  I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience with WMG and the people I have worked with and met - all of which would not have been possible without our customers.

Tracy Martin

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Tracy Martin - Dealer Principal